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We are committed to education in the medical marijuana field. Our goal is to partner with like-minded businesses to help educate MMJ professionals and teams to create the best in class patient experience.


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Thank you both so much for taking the time this week to work with our Budtenders. I've heard so much great feedback from them about how informative they found the sessions and I think you gave many of them a new perspective on our role within the cannabis community. Thanks for the links to the material as well, I know we'll find it useful going forward as we develop our own training materials for new Budtenders. I look forward to working with you both again soon; the MedWell/*removed for privacy* relationship is an amazing one!

Really appreciate you both doing that for us. I’ve had a number of people rave about how informative the session was. We’d absolutely love to have you back again soon. It means a lot to us knowing that there’s a company like yours doing it right and setting our patients up for success. Makes our job easier! Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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Rob Durante


Emily Waxman

Director of Community Outreach

Bridging The Gap!

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We create educational training to fit the needs of your organization. Based on medical cannabis patient experience. We offer in-person and virtual training. include MMJ Certification Discounts for your team and more.

Open to all cannabis dispensaries around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Florida

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